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Natural gas generator set time control system

Date:2017/11/28 8:57:22Source:WEIFANG RONSUN POWER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.


The time control system is the second generation diesel electronically controlled fuel injection system, which changes the structure of the traditional injection system, and changes the original mechanical injector to a high-speed powerful solenoid injector to control the solenoid valve with a pulsating signal. Pull and close to control the opening and closing of the injector. The pump oil mechanism and the control mechanism are relatively separated, and the fuel quantity is determined by the length of the injector opening time and the injection pressure. The injection timing is controlled by the opening time of the solenoid valve, thereby realizing the fuel injection amount and the fuel injection. Timing flexible control and integrated control, and extremely flexible, its control freedom and control performance are unmatched by position control systems.

      The control principle of the commonly used time control system for the circulating oil supply is: the electronic control unit determines the basic circulating oil supply amount according to the pre-stored load-speed-cycle oil supply three-dimensional map according to the diesel engine speed and the load sensor signal, and The optimized cycle fuel supply amount is calculated based on the coolant temperature and the like, and then a command is issued to close or open the normally closed high-speed electromagnetic relief valve installed in the oil spill passage. After the electromagnetic spill valve is closed, the plunger starts to pump oil to the electromagnetic relief valve to open, and the duration of the cycle determines the amount of circulating fuel.

      In the time control system, the timing of the oil supply timing is controlled by the timing at which the high speed electromagnetic spill valve is closed. Therefore, combining with the cycle fuel supply control is one, which greatly simplifies the mechanism.

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