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Biogas generator set generator structure

Date:2017/11/28 9:07:06Source:WEIFANG RONSUN POWER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.


Biogas generator sets are usually composed of stators, rotors, end covers and bearings. The stator consists of a stator core, a wire winding, a base, and other structural components that secure these portions. The rotor is composed of a rotor core (or magnetic pole, magnetic yoke) winding, a guard ring, a center ring, a slip ring, a fan and a rotating shaft.

The generator of the biogas generator set is assembled by the bearing and the end cover to connect the stator and the rotor of the generator, so that the rotor can rotate in the stator to perform the movement of the cutting magnetic line, thereby generating an induced potential, which is led out through the terminal and connected in the loop. A current is generated.

The above is an introduction to the generator structure of the biogas generator set.

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