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Weichai diesel generator set overhaul project

Date:2017/11/28 9:06:46Source:WEIFANG RONSUN POWER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.


After the diesel engine generator set is used, it needs to be repaired. What are the specific maintenance items? Today, we will briefly introduce the maintenance and repair project of Weichai Diesel Generator Set.

1. Small maintenance project: remove the window cover. If there is dust in the generator, it should be cleaned. It should be blown off with compressed air. The pressure should be no more than 2 air pressure. Clean the surface of the collector ring and use it first. Rough cloth (avoid the use of yarn ends or other multi-fiber cotton fabric) 醮 a few drops of kerosene to wipe the surface, then dry the surface with other clean coarse cloth; remove the bearing cover, check the grease is clean, if the color is not found Even if the grease needs to be replaced, check the wear of the carbon brush, adjust the pressure of the carbon brush spring, and replace the carbon brush with excessive wear.

2. Overhaul project: measure the insulation resistance with a 500 volt megger. If the resistance to ground is less than 1 megohm, it should be dried; if the surface of the collector ring is hairy or has deep marks, there is no processing light; the ball or roll will be rolled. The column bearing is removed and cleaned with clean kerosene to enable operation without any noise. Reinstall after adding grease; check whether the contact parts of the live parts are in good condition, tighten the nuts outside the wiring, so that the contact parts can be well energized; The inside of the motor is completely blown clean, and the collector ring and each joint must be blown.

In order to use the diesel fuel generator set for a longer period of time, the maintenance work must be taken seriously.

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