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Biogas generator set maintenance procedures

Date:2017/11/28 9:05:11Source:WEIFANG RONSUN POWER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.


Perform necessary maintenance according to the actual use and operating conditions of the biogas generator set. Use the specified fuel, lubricating oil and coolant and replace them in time; keep the biogas generator set clean and regularly check the three leaks and looseness to ensure normal and reliable work and prolong service life.

1. Filter: 1 air filter: every 50 hours of operation, clean it with air blower at the air compressor. Replace every 500 hours of operation or when the warning device is red. Press the top button to reset the indicator after replacing the filter element. 2 Oil filter: It must be replaced after the running-in period, and then changed every 500 hours or half a year. After the filter is replaced, it can be turned on for 10 minutes. The oil filter must be replaced at the same time. 3 Diesel filter: It must be replaced after the running-in period, and then replaced every 500 hours or half a year. Replace the filter and then turn it on for 10 minutes. 4 Coolant filter: It must be replaced for the first time using 200 hours or three months. Change every 500 hours or one year in the future.

2. Replacement of lubricating oil: It must be replaced after the running-in period, and then changed every 500 hours or every six months. Different brands and different types of engine oil should not be mixed when changing the oil. The oil filter must be replaced when changing the oil.

3, the replacement of the coolant: the first use of 200 hours or three months must be replaced. Change every 500 hours or one year in the future. Pay attention to the unit that has just stopped, and do not open the tank cover within 15 minutes. Prevent water vapor from escaping and injuring people.

4. Daily routine or pre-start inspection: Check and eliminate the three leakage phenomenon of oil leakage, water leakage and air leakage, wipe the surface of the generator set, keep the appearance of the diesel engine and the environment clean; keep the whole machine clean. Prevent accumulation of water, iron and debris; check fuel tank oil level. Ensure the emergency power supply of the unit; check the oil level of the oil, whether it is abnormally increased or decreased, and find out the cause. If it is insufficient, add it in time; check the water level of the water tank; check the battery voltage, pay attention to adding distilled water; check the looseness of each protective cover and Screws and nuts of each connecting part are fastened; in winter, heat should be kept, and enough antifreeze should be injected into the water tank.

5, biogas generator set operation test maintenance: L fuel tank needs to be thoroughly cleaned once a week to prevent accumulation of water, iron and impurities; for the standby biogas generator set, start a trial operation every week, check the dashboard indicator light, empty Run for 5 minutes, run with proper load every 15 months for 15-30 minutes; the tightness of the tank belt should be checked once a week. If it is worn, it should be replaced.

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