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What losses will be caused by improperly starting the diesel fuel generator set?

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What losses will be caused by improperly starting the diesel engine generator set? Start diesel engine without preheating: no lubricating oil viscosity, poor lubricity, easy to increase rolling wear and shrubs, easy to brake caused by accidents.

      1. Increase the capacity of the capacitor: The two batteries are connected in parallel to the motor to supply power. The current is doubled, which generates a large amount of heat. It is easy to cause the motor to start the switch, contact, rotor, and stator coil wires, which may cause fire.

      2, water-free start diesel generator: after the diesel generator is on fire, adding cooling water, it is easy to cause the body temperature to rise too fast, accelerate wear; hot and cold water is easy to cause an explosion.

      3. The motor starts the motor for a long time: the starting time is too long, the battery is long, the large current is discharged, and the board is easy to bend; it is easy to cause the excessive discharge of the electrode plate to vulcanize and the battery is faulty.

      4, the maximum throttle throttle start: the largest position, easily lead to fuel injected into the cylinder of mixed gas, too much, too thick, not easy to start; start, faster and faster, causing mechanical damage and wear.

      5, high voltage start: In order to improve the speed of the diesel engine generator set, the blind two-cell battery is connected in series, providing the electric motor, not only easy to make the motor speed, centrifugal force, accelerate the damage of the bearing, rotor and stator coil, but also because the battery technology is Not the same, good and bad battery charging, easy to damage the battery.

      6. Stop sweeping the throttle to prepare for the next restart: Some operators stop the bombardment of the flame. Some people think that the throttle is easy to start, easy to cause waste, increase economic loss, and also increase wear and damage.

    Everyone must pay attention to the correct start of the unit when using the generator set. Incorrect start will increase the unit's failure and reduce the unit's service life.

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