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Inspection work before the test of natural gas generator sets

Date:2017/11/28 9:07:48Source:WEIFANG RONSUN POWER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.


The inspection steps before the natural gas generator set test machine are as follows:

     1. Check whether the surface of the unit is clean and clean; whether the anchor nut, flywheel screw and other moving machine nut are loose, and the problem is found to be tightened in time.

     2. Check whether the clearance of each part is correct. In particular, carefully check whether the clearance of the pressure reducing mechanism of each inlet and exhaust valve is suitable.

     3. Place each cylinder in the decompression position, turn the crankshaft to hear the sound of the operation of each cylinder, whether there is abnormal sound, whether the crankshaft rotates freely, and pump the oil into a friction surface. Then, close the pressure reducing mechanism and shake the crankshaft.

     4. Check if the cylinder is leaking. If the crankshaft is shaken, it is very difficult to feel the infection, indicating that the compression is normal.

     5. Check the fuel supply system: 1 Check if the vent hole on the fuel tank cap is smooth. If there is dirt in the hole, it should be cleaned. Is the added gas suitable for the required grade, the quantity of oil is sufficient, and the oil switch is turned on. 2 Turn on the pressure reducing mechanism and turn the crankshaft. Each cylinder should have a crisp sounding sound, indicating that the fuel injection is good. If you hear the sound of the fuel injection, there may be air in the oil circuit. At this time, the gas filter can be loosened. And the bleeder screw of the fuel injection pump to remove air from the oil circuit. 3 Check the oil pipe and joints for oil leakage, and find the problem in time to solve the problem.

     6. Check the condition of the water cooling system: 1 Check if the amount of cooling water in the water tank is sufficient. If the water volume is insufficient, add clean soft water. 2 Check whether there is water leakage in the joint water pipe, and find the problem in time to solve the problem. 3 Check whether the impeller of the cooling water pump is flexible or not, and whether the belt is tight. Check that the belt is tight and push it by hand in the middle of the belt. The belt is pressed 10~15mm.

     7. Check the lubrication system: 1 Check whether there is oil leakage at the oil pipe and pipe joints, and find the problem in time to solve the problem. 2 Check the oil quantity of the oil pan and take out the dipstick next to the crankcase. If the height of the oil surface is not suitable, please add the oil. For the gas engine, add 8 or 11 gas in winter. Engine oil, add 14 oil in summer. If you find that the oil level is above the end height, you should carefully explain the increase in engine oil. There are usually three things to note: a. When adding oil, add too much. b. The gas leaks into the crankcase and the oil is diluted. c. Cooling water leaks into the oil. 3 Oil holes that need to be manually refueled should be filled with oil to fill the grease with a grease gun.

     8. Check the starting system: 1 Start the gas unit with a point: a. Check whether the specific gravity of the battery is within the range of 1.240~1.280. If the specific gravity is less than 1.180, the battery is low. b. Check that the power cord is correct. c. Check the battery terminals for dirt or oxidation, which should be cleaned and cleaned. d. Check if the electrical contact between the starter motor and the electromagnetic holding mechanism is good.

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