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Selection points for natural gas generator sets

Date:2017/11/28 9:06:19Source:WEIFANG RONSUN POWER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.


There are a lot of large-scale machinery and equipment in the market, so you need to know a lot of professional knowledge when purchasing natural gas generator sets. How to choose a regular and powerful manufacturer, the following small series will introduce you to several natural gas generator sets. Purchase points.

1. Look at whether the gas generator set is a refurbished machine. Some informal small enterprises sell used refurbished machines as new machines to customers, and will renovate diesel generators, plus new generators and control cabinets. Professional users cannot distinguish between new or old machines.

2. Configure power for large diesel generators and generators to reduce costs.

3. The only diesel generator or generator brand, not reported to the place of production, does not report the unit brand.

4. The relationship between the rated power of natural gas generator sets and the backup power supply can only be said to be a “power”. The power line of the backup power supply is sold as a long-term customer. In fact, backup power = 1.1 times longer line power. In addition, the backup power supply has only 12 hours of continuous operation for 1 hour.

5, look at the grade of the battery, the case of random accessories, such as natural gas generators with or without silencers, fuel tanks, pipes, large capacity batteries, some batteries and so on. In fact, these accessories are very important and must be noted in the contract.

6. Talk about the quality of diesel generators and generator brands, control system configuration, talk about services, and talk about price and delivery time.

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