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Natural gas generator type

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A natural gas generator set is a type of generator that uses clean energy such as natural gas as fuel to burn it so that the generator works to provide electricity. Unlike conventional generators, conventional generators use polluting fuel such as diesel. There are usually three types of natural gas generator sets:

      First, there are various types of driving power classification. Common power machines are: the power generator relies on the wind to drive the generator to rotate and generate current; the generator does not need to consume extra energy, it is a pollution-free generator; The generator uses the drop of water flow to generate power and drive the generator to generate electricity. It is also a device that uses green natural resources to generate electricity, also known as a hydroelectric generator. The fuel generator relies on diesel or gasoline to generate power to drive the generator set. In the event of a power outage, the fuel generator can be started to generate electricity to maintain normal operation.

      Second, according to the conversion of electric energy classification: according to the conversion of electric energy can be divided into two major categories of alternator and DC generator: alternator is divided into synchronous generator and asynchronous generator. Synchronous generators are divided into two types: hidden-pole synchronous generators and salient-pole synchronous generators. Synchronous generators are most commonly used in modern power stations, and asynchronous generators are rarely used; alternators can be divided into single-phase generators and three-phase generators. The output voltage of the three-phase generator is 380V, and the output voltage of the single-phase generator is 220V.

      Third, according to the excitation mode classification: According to the excitation mode can be divided into brush excitation generator and brushless excitation generator two types: the excitation mode of the brushed excitation generator is the other excitation mode, the excitation mode of the brushless excitation generator is self-excited. The rectifying device of the separately excited generator is on the generator stator, and the rectifying device of the self-exciting generator is on the rotor of the generator set.

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