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Reasons and troubleshooting methods for Weichai diesel generator set failing to extinguish

Date:2017/11/28 9:03:11Source:WEIFANG RONSUN POWER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.


When using Weichai diesel generator sets, many users have already followed the correct method but still can't turn off the fire. The main reasons are as follows:

      1. Failure of the exhaust brake button valve. Air leakage or pipeline rupture is not ventilated, causing the butterfly cylinder's power cylinder to not work, so the butterfly valve spool can not rotate and block the exhaust pipe; the oil-stop cylinder is not ventilated, leaking gas, the oil is still at a certain position, the engine can not be turned off. .

      2. The exhaust brake butterfly valve power cylinder is faulty. Not working, leaking, although the exhaust brake button valve is pressed, but because the power cylinder leaks, the piston stroke is not large, the exhaust pipe can not be blocked, so it can not be extinguished.

      3. The linkage mechanism of the exhaust brake butterfly valve and the power cylinder is loose, and although the power cylinder moves, the exhaust pipe cannot be blocked.

      4. The diesel engine generator set fuel injection pump plunger bites, the plunger spring breaks, although the oil stop cylinder moves, but does not move the throttle adjustment lever, causing the engine to rotate at a certain speed.

      5, the throttle cable is stuck, does not return to the position, can not stop the oil supply, it can not be extinguished.

      How can we rule out the above reasons? If it is a button valve or cylinder stop failure, it should be replaced; butterfly valve power cylinder failure should be repaired, if the damage is serious, it should be replaced; the linkage mechanism should be loosened, the leakage should be replaced with nylon-11 pipeline; if it is the fuel injection pump plunger bite Live, should be overhauled, and verified on the calibration table; if the diesel cable generator's throttle cable is stuck, it will not return. The throttle cable should be replaced.

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