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Why does Weichai diesel generator set have more fuel consumption?

Date:2017/11/28 9:04:03Source:WEIFANG RONSUN POWER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.


In the process of using Weichai diesel generator sets, excessive fuel consumption will cause a certain waste and increase the cost of use. Why is the fuel consumption more? Only by finding out the reasons can we reduce oil waste and reduce costs.

      The normal wear caused by long-term use of Weichai diesel generator sets, or the abnormal wear caused by improper maintenance, will cause the longitudinal direction of the cylinder liner of the diesel generator to form a longitudinal line. The cylinder bore and piston side clearance exceed the specified value, so that the piston ring The supporting force is correspondingly reduced, and the phenomenon of scraping oil is not clean. Or because the inner ring of the oil ring twists the spring to open the opening position of the oil ring, so that the oil is not clean and participates in the combustion, resulting in serious oil consumption.

      When it is found that the oil consumption is excessive, first check whether there is oil leakage at the joint between the body of the diesel generator and the gear chamber cover, the large plate on the side of the row wheel, the back cover and the cover. If oil leakage occurs, it should be observed that the gaskets at the joints are intact. Replace the damaged gaskets. If the gasket is complete, check the connection screws of each part for looseness. Use a wrench on the loose bolt to the specified torque. If the above part is basically normal and the oil leakage is in the frame position, the oil casing should be inspected. The main inspection part is at the front end of the oil shell side on the same side of the row wheel. The screw is loosened by the frame, and the wheel is pulled in the triangle belt. The long-term rubbing of the frame angle iron of the protective oil casing is carried out, and the oil casing is ground through to form a gap to cause oil leakage.

      Tips: If you find or notice that the diesel generator set consumes too much fuel, you must stop running immediately. Check if a part or a part is faulty. Check and repair it in time to ensure that the machine can run efficiently.

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