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The main role of natural gas generator sets

Date:2017/11/28 9:04:20Source:WEIFANG RONSUN POWER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.


Natural gas generators The fuels of gas engines are mainly natural gas, and flammable gases such as oilfield associated gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and biogas can also be used. The gas used should be dried and dehydrated to reach free water, crude oil and light oil. The low calorific value should not be lower than 31.4mj/m3, the total sulfur content should be no more than 480mg/m3, and the hydrogen sulfide content should be no more than 20mg/m3. The natural gas delivery pressure is in the range of 0.08-0.30 MAP.

      The oil used in the natural gas generator set is used to lubricate the moving parts of the natural gas engine and to cool and dissipate these moving parts, remove impurities and prevent rust. In addition to its impact on the performance and service life of the gas engine, its quality has a certain impact on the service life of the oil. To this end, the appropriate oil should be selected according to the ambient temperature of the natural gas generator gas engine. Natural gas engines use gas engine-specific oil 15W40CD or 15W40CC as much as possible.

      Natural gas generator sets are used to directly cool the cooling system of the cooling system. Clean water, rain water or clarified river water is usually used. When the natural gas engine is used in an environment below 0 degrees, the coolant should be prevented from freezing. Parts are cracked. The antifreeze solution with appropriate freezing point can be used according to the temperature or the hot water can be added before starting, but the water should be discharged immediately after stopping.

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