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How to reduce the noise of Weichai diesel generator sets

Date:2017/11/28 9:04:41Source:WEIFANG RONSUN POWER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.


Weichai diesel generator set is a well-known diesel generator brand in China. Noise has always been one of the important problems of generator sets. How to reduce the noise of Weichai diesel generator sets? Measures to reduce noise from air intake systems, exhaust systems, exhaust noise cancellation systems, etc.:

      1. The silence of the machine room entry: There is at least one entry and exit in each machine room. From the perspective of silence, the door of the machine room should not be set too much. Under normal circumstances, a gate, a small door, and an area of no more than 3 square meters should be set. The structure is made of metal, with high-intensity sound-insulating material inside, and metal iron plate on the outside. The muffler door is closely matched with the wall and the door frame.

      2. Silencing of the air intake system of Weichai diesel generator set: When the diesel engine generator set is working, sufficient air intake must be provided to maintain the normal operation of the unit. The general intake system should be placed directly opposite the exhaust vent of the unit fan. The intake air adopts a forced air intake mode, and the intake air is drawn into the machine room by the blower through the silencer air duct.

      3. The air exhaust system of the diesel engine generator set outside the engine room is silenced: after the muffler is removed by the exhaust muffler, there is still a high noise outside the machine room. The exhaust air must be silenced by the muffler air trough set outside the machine room, thus making noise To the minimum, the outside of the muffler air duct is a brick wall structure, and the inside is a sound absorbing panel. The exhaust air is used to remove the heat of the Yuchai generator set to achieve the effect of cooling, and the sound absorbing system is installed at the air outlet to reduce the generator set. The noise generated by the exhaust system.

      4. Exhaust noise elimination system of Weichai diesel generator set: When the diesel engine emits exhaust gas, it will generate certain noise. A noise elimination device can be added to the exhaust emission system of the unit. At the same time, the exhaust muffler pipe is made of fireproof rockwool material. The dressing can not only reduce the heat dissipation of the unit into the machine room, but also reduce the working vibration of the unit, thereby achieving the purpose of attenuating noise.

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