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Introduction of biogas generator system

1、 Power generation system of biogas generator set

Biogas power generation is a biogas utilization technology with the continuous development of biogas digester construction and biogas comprehensive utilization. It is a new energy comprehensive utilization technology integrating environmental protection and energy conservation. It uses a large number of organic wastes from industry, agriculture or urban life (such as distiller's grains, livestock manure, urban garbage, domestic sewage and wastewater from chemical, paper making, textile and other industries) to generate biogas through anaerobic fermentation, and drives biogas generator sets to generate electricity. At present, the power generation efficiency of the biogas generator set is about 36%. However, at the same time, the waste heat generated by the generator set itself can be used for biogas production, or for domestic refrigeration, heating, etc., so that the comprehensive utilization efficiency (power generation efficiency and thermal efficiency) of the biogas generator set has reached more than 80%.

The biogas power generation system itself provides clean energy. This system not only solves the environmental problems in the biogas project, thus protecting the environment to a certain extent, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but also consumes a large number of waste gases and turns waste into treasure. Through the comprehensive utilization of the system, a large amount of heat and electricity are generated, which conforms to the environmental protection concept of energy recycling. In addition, this system also brings users huge economic benefits.

2、 Composition of biogas generator unit power generation system

The biogas power generation system is composed of three parts. The first part is also the most basic part, which is the construction of biogas sources. Through the construction of biogas sources, a certain amount of biogas can be obtained every day for power generation or combustion; The second part is the biogas pretreatment system, which includes a series of equipment such as desulfurization tank, dehydration tank, water sealed tank, etc. After the biogas passes through the pretreatment equipment, the impurities, dust, sulfur, water vapor and other contents in the gas are removed, so as to obtain pure biogas that can be used for power generation; The third part is the core of the biogas power generation system -- biogas generator set. When the biogas generator set passes through the power generation process, the unit itself will generate waste heat, which can be used for refrigeration or heating, production or other purposes. In addition, the electricity generated by biogas generator units can also be connected to the national grid, which is subject to local policies.沼气发电机组系统.jpg

3、 Characteristics of biogas generator set

1. Turbocharger front mixing

According to the characteristics of biogas and the operation requirements of biogas generator units, Weifang RONSUN Power adopts the method of mixing in front of the supercharger. The gas and air have been mixed and mixed before being inhaled by the engine, and then inhaled by the compressor at the same time. This mixing mode is especially suitable for low pressure gas, especially for the use of biogas, to ensure the normal use of biogas generator units under low pressure. In addition, through the supercharging technology, the power output performance is higher than that of similar products, and the perfect integration of the economy and usability of gas power generation is completely realized.

2. High energy digital ignition technology

Weifang RONSUN Power biogas generator set adopts imported digital ignition computer, which can realize online ignition calibration for biogas engine. According to the conformity characteristics of biogas generator set, the MAP diagram of load ignition angle is prepared. Through the cooperation with high-energy ignition coil, high-energy and high-precision ignition is realized. The digital ignition computer can also realize multi spark ignition function when the unit starts at low speed, greatly improving the low-speed starting performance of the engine.

3. Automatic fire detection of biogas generator unit

The biogas generator set is equipped with a misfire detection function, through which the ignition status of the engine can be monitored in real time (software support is required), facilitating the maintenance and operation of the unit. In addition, it can also accurately judge whether the biogas generator unit is operating in the best state and whether the ignition of the unit is accurate. The time and energy of maintenance personnel are greatly reduced during maintenance, and the biogas generator set can quickly resume operation in a fast and effective way.

4. Real time monitoring of operation status of biogas generator unit

The control system of the biogas generator unit can monitor the operation status of the biogas generator unit in real time. During the operation of the unit, it can monitor the real-time output power, voltage, current, speed, power factor, oil pressure and other important data of the biogas generator unit. Let you know the operation status of the unit at any time while the unit is running.

5. High heat dissipation intercooler

The unit adopts intercooler with high heat dissipation rate, and the heat dissipation efficiency reaches 96%. With the help of the intercooler, the temperature of the gas can be rapidly reduced, so that the gas can enter the combustion chamber more quickly and effectively, and the safety of the operation of the biogas generator unit can be guaranteed.

6. Special electronic governor for oilfield biogas

The unit adopts the special electronic governor for marsh gas of the American WOODWARD brand, which has the advantages of online and timely calibration, high speed regulation accuracy, strong load capacity of Kangtujia, fast response time, high output power quality, meeting the G3 power supply standard, and better applicable to different types of loads of users.

7. Special mixer for biogas imported from the United States

The unit adopts a special biogas mixer imported from the United States, which can use various gases with methane concentration of 30% - 70%. After air and fuel are mixed, the best air fuel ratio is automatically adjusted through the cone valve, combined with the specially designed combustion chamber, so that the fuel gas can be fully burned, the fuel gas consumption is reduced, the thermal efficiency of the engine is improved, thus effectively reducing the content of nitrogen oxides and other harmful gases in the exhaust gas, thus reaching the world's advanced emission standards.

8. Multifunctional integrated unit control system

RONSUN Power adopts self-designed and developed multi-functional integrated unit control system, which is specially designed for customers in combination with user requirements and unit use environment, so that the operation rules of biogas generator units can better meet user requirements and sta

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