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1、Syngas Generator Introduction

The syngas generator set is a kind of biomass gas generator set. Crop straw has excellent environmental and economic characteristics. Since 2004, the country has called for small coal-fired generating units. Compared with waste-to-energy and wind power generation, straw power generation has increasingly shown its advantages. Straw is the fourth largest energy source in the world after coal, oil and natural gas. According to research by the International Energy Agency, straw is a good renewable energy source. The calorific value of 2 tons of straw is equivalent to 1 ton of coal. .

In recent years, the state has vigorously called for energy conservation and environmental protection. Straw gas power generation has gradually become a topic of discussion. Gasification of crop straws is achieved by using a gasifier to produce straw gas, and then the filtered straw gas is connected to the syngas generator set to generate electricity. . The use of straw gas to generate electricity not only saves primary energy, but also makes full use of discarded straw resources to reduce the emission of large amounts of greenhouse gases from coal combustion, thereby achieving energy conservation and emission reduction.


2、 Syngas Generator Technical Parameter

Technical Parameters
Rated Power30KW/37.5KVA
Rated Frequency50HZ or 60HZ
Rated Voltage380V/400V/415V
Rated Current54A
Phase Arrangement3Phases 4Wires
ManufacturerWeifang Ronsun Power Technology Co., Ltd. 
Generator Size1800*770*1350 mm
Generator Weight960kg
Engine Technical Data
Rated Power36KW
Engine TechnologyRonsun
Cylinders Number6 Cylinders
Rated Speed1500/1800 rpm/min
Air Instake Method
Natural Aspirated
Speed Regualtion
Electronic Governor
Starting Method
Electrical Starting
Alternator Parameter
Rated Power30KW
Rated Current

3、 Advantages of Syngas Generator

  • High-energy digital ignition technology

  • Weifang Ronsun Power syngas generator Set adopts imported digital ignition computer, which can realize online ignition calibration for natural gas engine. According to the characteristics of generator set, the load-ignition angle MAP map is compiled. By combining with high-energy ignition coil, high-energy and high-precision ignition is realized. The digital ignition computer can also realize multi-spark ignition function when the unit is started at a low level, which greatly improves the low-speed starting performance of the straw gas engine.


  • Generator set automatic fire detection
    The syngas generator set is equipped with a fire detection function. Through this function, the ignition state of the engine can be monitored in real time (requires software support) to facilitate the maintenance and operation of the unit. In addition, it is also possible to accurately determine whether the generator set is operating at its optimum state and whether the ignition of the unit is accurate. The maintenance personnel's time and effort are greatly shortened during maintenance, and the generator set can be quickly resumed in a fast and efficient way.

  • Real-time monitoring of high-definition LCD screen shows the running status of the generator set
    The genset control system can monitor the running status of the genset in real time. During the operation of the genset, real-time monitoring of the real-time output power, voltage, current, speed, power factor, oil pressure and other important data of the genset can be performed. . Let you know the status of the unit at any time while the unit is running.

  • product8lrdg61fiz.jpg

    • High heat dissipation intercooler

    The unit adopts high heat dissipation intercooler, and the heat dissipation efficiency reaches 96%. With the help of the intercooler, the temperature of the gas can be quickly reduced, so that the gas can enter the combustion chamber more quickly and efficiently, and the safety of the generator set can be ensured.


    • Special electronic governor for syngas generator set

    The unit adopts Bosch or WOODWARD brand syngas generator special electronic governor, which has on-line and timely calibration function, high speed regulation precision, strong anti-rush load capacity, fast recovery time, etc. The output power quality is high and can reach G3 power standard. , better for different types of loads for users.

    biogas powered generator.jpg

    • US imported syngas special mixer

    The unit adopts a special mixer for natural gas imported from the United States, which can use various gases with a methane concentration of 30%-70%. After the air and gas are mixed, the optimal air-fuel ratio is automatically adjusted by the cone valve, and the uniquely designed combustion chamber is combined to make the gas fully burned, the gas consumption is reduced, and the thermal efficiency of the engine is improved, thereby effectively reducing the exhaust gas. The content of harmful gases such as nitrogen oxides, thus reaching the world's advanced emission standards.biogas generator (2).jpg

    • Multifunctional integrated unit control system

    Ronsun Power adopts independent design and development of multi-functional integrated unit control system, combined with user requirements and unit use environment, specially designed for customers, so that the operating rules of generator sets can better meet user's requirements and standards.

    4、 Contact Details


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